Who’s that girl?

Who’s that girl … a Madonna song from when I grew up. That tells you how old I am approximately. At least.


I’m a dreamer, paper-addict, writer & journalist from Vienna, the Austrian capital.

Love history, imagining how people lived before.

Enjoy oldfashioned ways of life, like walking by foot, writing real letters on paper & decorating them, tea in a nice teacup and the direct talk to people, be it in person or in a letter. I rather meet up than phone …

Interests: reading, theatre, travelling, knitting, nature, womens issues, swimming, cycling, nordic walking and always more.

Like to get in touch?

Leave a message here – or via Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Tea_and_Letters

Great you read my blog!


4 thoughts on “Who’s that girl?

  1. I’d be happy to be pen-friends, though I may be a bit older than you! That Madonna song came out when I was in University! It looks like we have many similar interests, though I’m not much of a swimmer I live in Vancouver, Canada.

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