Be warned: This will be a rant!

Okay, here you are warned, I have to rant a bit.

Let me start it this way: I have been writing letters since I was 8 years old. And I got my first penfriends when I was around 13. This makes more than 30 years of being a penfriend myself.

I thought I’d experienced all I could there – mostly great things. Learning about other cultures, getting to know different ways of life, sharing similarities between far away countries (this is one of the best parts I can tell! Inside we are all humans with red blood and the aim to love and be loved).

I have also experienced some setbacks, even an Almost-Waterloo when a socalled penfriend talked negative about me to another of my penpals, since we were all writing with each other.

But despite all of this, I still write letters. With passion. Those who write with me will know they are my mail is always individual, 90% handwritten with colourful ink on nice paper. And I give my best & hope they give at least a little pleasure while reading. I do care for all my penfriends.

And now listen: there comes someone who tells me 10 penfriends are too many to write quality!? And the best of all: How can this person know as she has not received any letter from me, since we were just getting touch checking if we could be penfriends?


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