I usually write my mail with my Lamy fountain pen. It’s actually Lamy number 3. Number 1 moved in long ago, when I went to a writing workshop and had to have it. We always showed each other our tools. And there was a small paper shop that had these kind of things. Also thick college blocks to write on. Really thick. Loved them. Lamy 1 is a callygraphy pen that I most often use with black ink. I use it rarely, but I do sometimes. I feel it is only worth it if I write slow enough so the kalligraphy has a chance to ‘come out’.

Number 2 was my previous pen, a red “normal” pen that dies recently – maybe from using it a real lot. It didn’t flow over the paper any more and some part was broken as well.

So number 3 came, also a normal Lamy, a transparent pen where you can see to the inside and the ink cartridge. Fun and useful. It has a fine thin pen, I find that very valuable to me since my handwriting is rather big by nature. I often use turquoise or purple ink with it, sometimes bright green.

That’s about all the colours I use. Never do red or neon colours or the boring blue we had to use at school.

I also own an old Montblanc pen that belonged to my father. He gave it to me already when I went to school or uni (not exactly sure when), cause he did almost never use it. And I guess he saw me writing a lot. I havent’t used this in a while cause I want to ‘save it’, as I once had trouble finding replacement for the pen.

I shall make some photos of the pens with my writing also! So check back here.


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