Sorting & storing

Since I have written & received letters for the biggest part of my life (since I was 8 actually), there has been ALOT of letters I have recieved.

I was thinking about the storing again for months and have finally come up with the solution for the letters of my present pals: I use a box (about shoe box size), sort the received (and replied) letters by the name of my pal (by ABC), and I wrote the name /country on file-cards separating the letters.

Sounds like a good system so far.

Now I wonder: when the box will be full – shall I make a new one or shall I split the content into 2 boxes and keep both “active”?


2 thoughts on “Sorting & storing

  1. Maybe you can have different boxes to categorize letters? A-J, K-T, etc. That way they’d last a bit longer, and if one box got full, you could just “retire” it and make a new one for those letters?

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