How real are penpals?

Nina brings up an interesting topic: How much can our penpals be or become real friends?

I bet most of you penpallers out there were told already by family, friends or workmates that your penpals can’t be real friends, because they live far away and it’s impossible to get to know a person only through a couple of letters. Usually they combine such a comment with a pitiful look, as if we were freaks who have not realized yet that we don’t have any friends or only imagined friends. 
I find such comments rather offending and ignorant. And it annoys me so much that I stopped talking about my passion with most people in my every day life.

Of course, we can’t just meet up with our penpals spontanously for an afterwork drink.

But we are all friends, aren’t we? We share ups and downs, learn from each other, get to know other ways of life and thus – we ARE friends.

Nina’s article on her blog.


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