How many things at a time?

Feb_15 038Ediimail brought up an interesting topic: can we still focus on one thing at a time?

While I was replying to dear Martina’s intro letter I paid more attention on the whole proccess of writing. What I’m doing in so called “meantime”, when I’m writing a letter. Instead of doing one thing at the time I was chatting with friends on WhatsApp, eating dinner, checking my facebook notifications, going through Instagram pictures, talking with my sister… WHY? WHAT’S FOR?

It rang a bell with me. While I usually focus on the letterwriting process for a while, I don’t sit as long as the letter is finished. I get distracted. A lot. This happens not with social media for me – that later is my challenge when working/writing at the PC – but with other things: my cat, hunger, thirst, looking out of the window or thinking I need to do something particular like sorting some paper or checking some detail about travelling or just about anything.

There is always a zillion of thoughts in my head.

How can we escape? I already have my mobile phone on silent often and I try to be online only twice a day. And only on workdays.

I really wonder what is going on with us.

Ediimail article is here.


3 thoughts on “How many things at a time?

  1. I always loved to multitask but a few years ago I gave up on it. Due to HSP (I think this will ring a bell with Edii) I love to do just one thing at a time right now and focus on just that. It makes me much happier… and we don’t need it (even if we think/thought we would). But we often are too hard on ourselves: we need to be that superwoman 😉

  2. Letter writing for me is actually the one thing I do not multi task and find it amazing for the shut off down time.
    Meditation practice really has helped me learn to calm my brain.

  3. That’s two very clever comments: we can give up to be superwoman and the hint to meditation. I want to relax and focus that way. 🙂
    It even happens while swimming: I swim in a really nice place, trees, sunshine, ducks – and what happens? My head goes round a zillion things. Do I burn enough fat? What will I do first today at my desk? And so on.

    But I’m relieved other people have this thing going on, too.

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