How long is okay?

There has been a small discussion about the when’s of replying a penpal over at Mrs. Murphy.

Everyone I write to knows I can be late with my letters sometimes. But the basic is, I usually do write or tell someone I can’t write anymore. Sometimes life gets in between and I’m so under stress, that I hope to write everyone, but then realize I may not be able to or it has happened that I have to reduce the number of penpals.

Therefore, I have understanding for anyone who is similar, has longer breaks etc.

What I dislike is when I don’t know if the person will still write me. Waiting for a letter that never comes is just sad …

Or if the exchange is not regular, the penpal writes once in a while but it’s rather chaotic and not a reply to my last letter, just some random writing about whatever. To me, letterwriting must be a dialogue of talking and listening – not a monologue.

What are your opinions to this?


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