But why? Why do you write letters?

But why? Why do you write letters?, non-letter enthusisasts sometimes ask.

Only them can ask, I guess. 🙂letter-paris

See, already Picasso sent mail.

Letterwriting since more than 30 years

For me, I have written letters since the young age of 8. A girl left my school, as the family moved. Family and teachers encouraged me (us) to write postal mail. I still remember my vivid dream as a child and teenager, of opening my (our) mailbox and lots of mail falling out.

And I never stopped to write & receive lovely postal mail until today, decades later. There are times I write less cause I’m so busy, sick or away. But I always have had penpals.

_02_03_2014 017

How my mail changed over the years

The letters changed of course. Its funny to read up the letters I received with 8, talking about teachers, parents or a new home/childrens room. Later I remember sharing first love stories with penpals, and sharing maps or cards about foreign places.

Today it’s often about the things we talk about in our 30s and 40s – health, aging parents, daily job life and so on. The thoughts exchanged have become deeper.


Love to the written word & learning new

For me, corresponding with penpals is a combination of several things: my love to the written word and opening windows to other ways of lifes & cultures.


WHY do YOU write letters?

Write a blog post & link here OR post a comment !


There’s another blogpost on Mab is Mab about “why write letters” and that she discovered penpals as she was bound to find something to relax away from a computer screen. Good point, if you ask me.

And now:

join my #lettersocial on twitter all weekend long!

Write mail, share mail!

Join us postal enthusiasts & find out yourself what makes the magic!

Send more snail mail!

_11_2013_ 125

Get stamps, paper and a pen & write!

If you’re new to this – why not join one of the sites to find a penpal?

Interpals, for instance.

There’s only one snail mail law:

To receive a good letter – write a good letter!


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