Happy 2015

So a new snail mail year has started.

Happy 2015, postal mail enthusiasts all over the world!

I have written only few letters due to back pain and being stressed out, even though we took the festive season relaxed like usual. No big things there, no trees, no big dinner invitations, just having loved ones around.

2 friends meetings squeezed in just before Christmas, which were great … and one gave me a lovely pencil holder made from fabric. It’s just great especially for carrying my pens with me on a travel trip or an outing. Yes, I look forward to summer and swimming so much, I miss the warm weather and my body seems to do as well, all my muscles feel stiff.

I even managed to hurt a muscle in my chest, I don’t know how on earth! I have been told it’s quite popular to happen if you do some sports movements like press-ups, but I didn’t do that. Either it’s from sitting at the computer so much and a stiff back/spine/scoliosis, or I did some unusual yoga exercise few evenings before it happened first. It’s taking like forever, it seems and I’m just fed up.

So, things were or are low here somehow. Time to cheer up with letter writing!

Addition, 5. Jan. 2015: A great wish I just heard from a penfriend:

“I hope that New Year will bring something good and unexcpeted, both for you and for me”

Isn’t it a great thing to hang to?


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