Do you know your mailman/woman?

Something interesting happened the other day. We passed by our previous postman from before moving. We still know & greet each other (of course :-)). When he saw us, he waved at us and said “wait”, then looked into his mail carrier and … gave me a letter adressed to the previous address. That is in so far interesting as we moved quite some years ago.

Thinking back, I always knew the mail deliverers when I was a child/teenager already crazy for mail. Back then, there were 2 of them splitting the mail delivery at our building, a man and a woman. Back then, mail delivery worked greatly and mostly without mistake – quite in contrary, there were even postcards where our elder relatives had forgotten a number or something. They always knew us and we always got all the mail.

Today? Today you kind of feel lucky if the mailperson seems to be able to read the alphabet & read the numbers. They eg. deliver mail for X-street 10 to Y-street 10 and things like that … if people are not brave and bring wrong post to your door or drop it to the mailbox again, this piece of mail is lost.


So how is it at your end?

Do you know your mail man/woman?

How good is the delivery?





2 thoughts on “Do you know your mailman/woman?

  1. As a child my sister and I would run out and stand by the mailbox and wait for the mailman to bring our mail. I still send him Christmas cards.

    When I was a teen we moved to the country and lived there until a couple years ago. Out there, we’d get mail almost no matter what. Once we got something with our city street address and country town/zip! Or no zip… And did know the carrier a bit.

    Now back in the city, mail is a little more spotty and don’t know our mail carrier, but not too bad!

  2. I do know our letter carrier. She is new but we have forged a good friendship. She saw my kayaks and as a fellow kayak-er, we just naturally felling in to conversation. Sadly she is afraid of my dogs as she has been bitten more than once. I respect that and keep my dogs in when she comes around each day. I also knew the carrier she replaced. His name was Roger and he always called me darling. Not because he didn’t know my name . . . it was on all the mail he delivered. He just called me darling and I liked it. On occasion I will leave a note taped to my mailbox for the carrier. Especially during harsh weather telling them how much I appreciate them coming out (to deliver junk mail a lot of the time)

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