Magical Mail Topic

I’m slowly getting back. Writing a few letters to my few, dear, steady, reliable penfriends. Taking joy in the great mail I receive. (Imagine how I wave to Pia, Ase and Adrienne!) The unsteady summer weather, warm yet with a rain shower always possible, and a purring sleepy cat are the perfect circumstances for indulging into mail magic.

And I came back to here with the idea for a monthly magical mail topic.

Will you all join me? You can blog about it & link here OR use the comments section.

First topic is: What are your magical mail habits during summertime?

How and where do you write your letters when it’s hot outside?

What are your rituals like then?

Any specific topics to write about then?

I’m very curious to hear all you have to say!


2 thoughts on “Magical Mail Topic

  1. I like to write my letters outside at dawn or sitting on the couch with the air on! My rituals for letter writing are messy and get on my BF’s nerves. lol! I have to go through all my stationery, then go through my pens and washi and stickers and that’s just to begin! Sometimes I like to deco the envelope first, other times I deco it last. It depends on my mood. THEN I finally sit down to write the letter! I usually am drinking something caffeinated and there may or may not be background noise. Usually with 4 kids, there’s always background noise unless they are asleep! lol!
    I never really write about any specific topics…except my kids. I just randomly talk about what’s been going on, my thoughts on things that have happened, commenting on something that I read or watched, maybe include a poem or something. It’s very random, like a conversation! Maybe I should plan it more, but I just write and write. I also comment what the other person said in her letter also.
    What about you?

    1. I mainly run through the letter of my penfriend & react to it. As it’s summer (or at least, should be still :-)) I love to take it all to the river or to the park & write there.

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