I’m going to take a break. From the blog. And from penpalling. I’ll see when I get in the mood again to write to my few dear penpals. Most new contacts have vanished into thin air. I’m disillusioned, honestly. People never heard again from after I send a long handwritten letter. I just browsed through the photos I made from the letters I sent. So much effort – so little back.

I’m way too tired from failed friendships. I’m simply tired from it. Thus:  BREAK.


5 thoughts on “Break

  1. Oh, I hear you. (“So much effort, so little back.” ) How about if I write you and you can reply when and if you have the time an energy? I’m happy to pay it forward to help with that disillusionment. You have my email address so just let me know.

  2. That sounds so familiar… I don’t know how many letters i wrote that stayed unanswered! 😦
    It’s really sad, i always put time and effort in my letters and not to get an answer from people that sounded enthousiastic first: bweeeeeeeeeeh!!!!

    1. I have made the decision to come back but now I will minimize to the really best penpals, and only carefully taking up really promising new ones!

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