How to organise letter writing

A newish pal of mine just told me she has yet to get used to penpalling since she is new to it & was wondering how to organise letterwriting.

You know, I’m a longtime-forever 😉 penpal (I started when I was 8 – over 35 years of letterwriting by now! So I want to show how do I keep letters organised. It’s actually quite simple, I believe – I would not want a hobby to feel like a task.

Letters I receive are all collected in 1 place – at the moment, this is my file that I use as a kind of letter diary. I put them inside there. I put them in order of receiving it. On each letter I write the date I have received it. New contacts (not at the moment) mostly come from internet, so if I am to write them,  I print or write down their details.

When I have time & mood for letterwriting, I look through them and choose one letter/pal to write to. I try to answer in chronological order also, but sometimes I just feel like writing to a certain penfriend for some reason – a topic I esp. like to talk about to her for example. And I just think that’s normal, its just like you call a certain friend when you feel like it … and some you call more often than others.

The diary is used to record when I have written whom. It goes in chronological order: date/name of pal/country.

In that file, I also put some ideas for letter decorating, topics to write about or other stuff I hear about penpals, letterwriting and so on.

And that’s all!

I write the letter by looking through my friend’s letter – I don’t plan it ahead, I just go with the flow.

Do you?

How do you go on organising your letter & how do you write?


One thought on “How to organise letter writing

  1. This is really great! I love organization and I think that is how I would do it if I had many pen-friends. My daughters used to have many concurrent penpals (up to 40 , I believe, at one time). I had to help them organize their letters into folders…then put their names on tabs…but I like your little synopsis of each pen friend. Great idea. I also had my daughter write up a brief “what’s currently happening in ,my life” and then had them add two dustomized paragraphs , one responding to the penpal’s questions and then a more personal paragraph directed to the penpal. This helped them keep some of their sanity!

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