Postage costs

Maybe more than just me often wonders about costs of postage – I find ours in Austria rather high.

The minimum you pay for a 20g letter is 0,70 Euro. But – 20g is nothing!

The next “size” (weight) already costs 1,70 Euro – that’s even worse.

Hence why I don’t send anything extra than just the letter and an occasional postcard, foto or recipe. Just stuff that is thin & light.




Let’s compare.

Pls. use the comment section!




6 thoughts on “Postage costs

  1. In the UK to the UK we have two rates of postage for a standard letter 1st class which takes 1-3 days and costs 60p a stamp and 2nd class which takes up to 14 days and costs 50p a stamp.

    Out side the UK is based on weight & size and can be anything from a couple of English pounds.
    I’m still getting to grips with the best way to internationally post from the UK – any other UK readers have tips?

    Lots of surface mail goes missing unfortunately so I tend to send recorded delivery my international mail which can be costly.

  2. Domestic postage in the US is 49¢. International is $1.15. I think our domestic is EXTREMELY cheap and international moderately expensive. I am sending more mail these days than ever

      1. That Australian money is about 55 US cents for a domestic letter , and about $2.90 US for an overseas letter . By the way, if anybody wants to write to me I am happy to reply . I am Robert Constantine, 32 Fredan Road, Deception Bay Q. 4508. AUSTRALIA. I love pen-palling.

  3. I’m late to the party, but in Canada it’s $1.00 for a domestic letter (85 cents if you buy a coil). $1.20 to the US and $2.50 international. They can all hurt a bit, but it’s still pretty cheap entertainment!

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