Questions and Answers about Penpalling

Ouch, not written here in a while – but let’s take this up again with a bit of early spring spirit!

I just realized in a mail conversation on interpals that there are people who are more or less new to the concept of writing letters & having penpals.

So, I’d like to open up a Questions & Answers corner here … feel free to put your questions in the comments section!


2 thoughts on “Questions and Answers about Penpalling

  1. Hi 🙂

    I’m new to Penpalling. I signed up on PenPal World this past February. I’m wondering after you receive a letter how long is it ok to wait before sending a reply? I also have a few that I correspond with via email. Would it be the same as with postal mail or should a response be sent sooner since it is email? I currently have three letters that I need to write and in two days I will have had the longest one for three weeks. Is that too long?

    1. I think there is no rule. Relax & enjoy the writing. If you e-mail also, you can let the other person know when you’ll write. Generally, I also often take 1-2, sometimes 3 months if life is busy …

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