Holiday mail time

Hello, how is everyone doing?

Having time out to write mail?

Here’s some cards I got this year – the first one ever (I think) from Poland.


I also wrote quite some letters lately … and so I am showing you where I usually post them, meaning the stamps were bought before & mail can be dropped into the mailbox. You can find those yellow boxes everywhere in the streets in Vienna, only not as many as some years ago – they’re saving money that way as well. Mind you, top management are again number one in cashing hugpostbox-letters-2013e salaries this year again. There’s a ranking saying it.


I was so happy to find new contacts in … yet, everyone it seems wanted me be the person to write first. And what can I say? Out of 11 letters sent, I only got 2 letters in my inbox – 2 more messaged me my mail arrived. The rest? Didn’t even bother to let me know or pursue the contact.

To me, it looks people are not reliable anymore. In old times of FB’s, you had to take pen & paper and write that person you found in there. Today? You send an e-mail, then nothing to be heard again of you …

SAD, isn’t it?

Now I’m waiting for the good mail fairy to build my trust in penpals again!


4 thoughts on “Holiday mail time

  1. I agree! So sad if people don’t bother to reply 😦
    Some of them just don’t understand how much time and effort goes into writing a good letter!

  2. I agree with you on this it is sad not to hear back. We all understand there are time delays life happens but it’s rude not to make any contact. The other thing that gets me is missing mail, I’ve spent hours on some mail and had it go missing in the post it’s disappointing for both parties then.

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