What to send in the mail? – Lettercircle

People often wonder what to write about in a letter … is it really so difficult?

I have started to get /write my first letter with 8 years old + practically never stopped. And I end up writing more than I think very often.lettercircle-1

So what can one write about?

As it is with lettercircle, I gave “mail muse” as a first topic.

In my own first letter written to one new lettercircle friend, I was drawing a mail fairy that is a flower – as nature always is a huge inspiration to me, be it letterwriting or one of my stories. I thought I’d write a bit but then came from one thing to the next, from nature and inspiration to books and who I am …



Keep it simple, if you’re a beginner – take a topic, write about it.

Introduce yourself a bit if it is a first contact.

Its easier to become friends then.

Include a few – not too many – questions to your mail friend, something that makes you curious, something that interests you.

Talk (write) about things that you and the other one may have in common.

Draw, collage, print out pictures and write on the paper – I love tea, so I have a collection of tea themed photos I can always print.

And most important: always make your letter personal – a message from one friend to another one.


What are your tips?

What do you like to write about?





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