More social letterwriting! Come and join letter circle!

There is only one thing to beat yesterdays’ celebration of letterwriting in the #letterwritingsocial on twitter: Write even more letters!

Therefore, here’s a mail-call!

Creative lettercircle

Entry: First round – from now till Sunday, 16th June, 2013.

How does it work: There will be about 4 – 6 people per lettercircle.

Everyone will write a letter to everyone else in the lettercircle group.

The trick is to reply every mail you receive – and so, keep the lettercircle going.

There are several rounds of topics to follow – general topics that is, like, say “tea themed mail”.  Topics that are open enough for you to decide – and you can be as creative as you like, it should only work as a general reference.

Social letter writing aspect: you should be able to show your mail (written or/and received) on twitter or your own blog. And add “lettercircle” to each piece of mail (for instance with a rubberstamp or a tape on which you write ‘lettercircle’).

To sign up, please use the comment section here, tell abit about what letterwriting is for you, what you’re looking for in a letter-friend, add your age / interests/ location + where you can mail to (worldwide or in one continent).


15 thoughts on “More social letterwriting! Come and join letter circle!

  1. I had lots of penpals while at school and really miss it. There is something about the time and effort it takes to write a letter that is so much more personal than an email or text. I want to start writing letters again and am happy to write to any one from anywhere in the world. I am 36 and love real books made from paper, tea and cake, holidays in the uk, my dog and old movies. I also like analogue photography and attempt to be crafty. An old fashioned girl at heart

  2. I’m Ingrid, I’m 26 and really love writing letters. I’m into ethical shopping, veganism, cultural places, live music and reading for pleasure. I live in the UK and don’t mind where I send letters.

  3. I’m Maria, 43, a medical librarian and mom, and a big fan of writing letters and postcards. I enjoy dogs, learning about other people, blogging, reading, The Walking Dead, and collecting postcards and bookmarks. I probably have enough stationery to last three lifetimes (seriously). I live in the US, and I can send letters wherever.

  4. Hello, I’m Debbie (39) and am married with 2 children. I love snailmail and stationery (especially kawaii). My interests include horse riding, reading, listening to music, camping (in our campervan) and geocaching. I’m from the Uk and happy to send happymail within the UK or abroad. :o)

  5. Hello my name is Barbara and I am 33, and I am expecting my first baby for this year! I used to have penpals as a teenager but somehow we didn’t keep in touch 😦
    I love writing real letters and used to do lots of mail art so would love an opportunity to write pretty letters again! I am in the UK and I can send anywhere in the world. X

  6. Hello! I would love to be in a letter circle. Yay.

    Well I am Tabby, 25. I love eating good vegan yummy food, I love shopping, reading, horror films. baking cooking, crafting, card making especially. I am addicted to ebay and amazon. I always instagram my day.

    I rescue stick insects and other exotic insects. I have four cats, and a hermit land crab.

    I haven’t done penpalling in a long time. I used to love sending and receiving little gifts.

    I love cats.

    I work with children with and without special needs (also doing a apprenticeship in child care in a few weeks. I also work at a mental health charity and baby sit some evenings. In my spare time I am taking three long distance courses in mental healt hand social care, healing of companion animals and dog grooming.

  7. Okay, so here is my question: what if we build one lettercircle of then 7 writers incl. me? Ohterwise if we split, there are 3 and 4 in 2 circles.
    email me your address:

  8. Hope I am not too late for this.
    My name is Hanna and I live in Sweden. I am 46 years old and love getting mail.
    I work in a library and what I like to do is: read, do crafts, walk, travel ..

  9. So now that we start – pls. feel free to post a link to pictures of your mail sent or received! Remember though to respect people’s privacy and hide name/adress of others.

    Happy mailing!

  10. I am Marcos from Brazil. I also love to write and read letters from all over the world. I am 36, single, I love nature, music, arts…..if you’re looking for snail mail, write me:


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