Good morning on letterwriting sunday!

So, as announced previously, today I’m hosting the first virtual letter writing social. I had this idea about a week ago, told it via twitter – and many people were happy to join!

This is the official post/site where I’ll collect all links to mail written and shown today.

I had the idea for a virutal letter writing social some days ago when the heavy-heavy rains made long outside-activities impossible. There were heavy floodings in many parts of Austria, from Salzburg eastwards till Hainburg. Rivers mostly affected were the Danube, also Inn, Salzach, Kamp & others. (For pictures, pls. see Austrian TV). Vienna was ok except for a few minor floodings._06_2013_ 010

This is a picture I made last week – the Danube / Danube island.

Today, it’s brilliant sunshine and very warm (almost too warm), so I went swimming and there by the river-shore, I started on a letter.

Here’s some paper I prepared:

_06_2013_ 022

I also made a test in aging paper with coffee, it looks like this – probably should be ironed before writing on it? Any suggestions? _06_2013_ 027Letters received that want a reply 🙂

_06_2013_ 026

This is the journal in which I keep track of letters written (date & who it goes to) as well as collecting ideas for creative mail / mail art:_06_2013_ 024

And this is part of the first letter written, partly at the river shore – partly back home, as I found it quite too hot outside.

Cat drawn on today's first letter (c) Anni Bürkl
Cat drawn on today’s first letter (c) Anni Bürkl

Update – 20.30h in Vienna.


Just 2 letters so far and since I have been relaxing a bit too, this will be it for this time.

We’ll have another go on the letter writing social, won’t we?

My postal cat Maggie is waving you bye for tonight:


You can see a lot of mail pictures on twitter – hashtag is #showandmail.


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