International Mail Art Month

Jan_Feb_2013_ 009
This is a letter I handwrote (like usually) and afterwards I connected the pages by softly crocheting them together with some turquoise wool I had left over (from a Christmas present). Next to it you can also see a part of my “ancient” typewriter (I hardly ever use him).

I read about “National letter writing month” in April. I really like the idea – sending lots of mail, writing letters or cards in a month. And, who knows, maybe establish a deeper connection or friendship for the future?

So I had an idea: What about making an “Internatinal Mail Art month”?

Here’s how you can take part:

Comment here below the article.

Tell a bit about yourself, your location, your ambitions,  and who you’d like to correspond with.

Most important: Tell us what mail means to you!

Let us know how many people you would like to write to and if you can mail outside your own country.

Answer to other people’s comments, if you would like to send mail art to them.

Show us your mail art on your blog: incoming and outgoing. 🙂 If you don’t have a blog yet – wouldn’t it be the right time to start one? Take your camera, take photos of your mail, share! It’s easy!

Who want to be first?


2 thoughts on “International Mail Art Month

  1. Hey My name is Jihad, I am 27 years old girl studying In Malaysia, I would love to have friend and long lasting friendship from all over the world, but hope mostly from Korea or Spain.
    My biggest ambition in life is to do great achievements that leaves an impact on people’s life, I hope I can do that soon.
    I hope to become an excellent academic, and a great social entrepreneur and leader.
    I love mail, because I miss human interaction I miss the touch of pen in my hand and holding the papers of my letter and seeing the art implemented to produce it.
    I love exchanging cultures, and learning from others experiences overseas, I think this can’t be done without mail. I just love snail mailing so much.

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