How is your mail delivered?

Question to you all:

Do you have your mail delivered to your door? Or into a mailbox outside/inside? Tell me! Here, we get the mail delivered to mailboxes downstairs, next to the door to the street. The building we live in has several apartments. I know earlier – some decades ago  –  the postmen/women would walk up and drop the mail in boxes next to each person’s door. Something that would not work well today, as they save in post employees and so, they have bigger routes/more mail to deliver in the same time nowadays. Poor them, now before Christmas …

Mind you, do you get mail on 24th Dec.? We’re not sure this year … also earlier, they would deliver the December saturdays to make up the bigger mail amount, but that was stopped quite some years ago. No mail on saturdays in Austria – never.


6 thoughts on “How is your mail delivered?

  1. We have mail delivered to a mailbox at the end of our driveway. I also just rented a box at the post office to place that address on my blog. We do get mail delivered on the 24th. For now, we still have mail delivery six days a week, Monday-Saturday, in the United States.

  2. I have a post office box I rent by the year and get a lot of mail there. However, I also have a box in the mail center with all the other renters in my apartment complex. And yes, we got mail on the 24th of December. It was a bit late coming but it arrived. 🙂

  3. My mailbox is right outside my front door, on the porch. We get mail delivered there–unless it is a package from a foreign country. Usually the post lady knocks and then if we don’t run to the door, she will leave a note saying I have to go to the post office to pick up my international package. We get mail only once a day. I remember when I visited England, my London friends aid they had mail twice a day!
    Now, the U.S. Post Office has decided they will not deliver letters on Saturdays, beginning in August.

    1. Really? Twice a day? I even suspect they don’t always deliver everyday.

      We never get mail on saturdays – ever since I can remember. Only exception was before Christmas earlier, but not any more nowadays.

  4. We mail delivered to our door. Which is the most common way in the UK. Flats and blocks have communal boxes. Those who have long drives etc may have a letter box by the gate.
    We also only now get post once a day.

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