Getting more regular …

I have the goal to post more regular, so let’s see. And also write letters more regularly.

My idea is to reserve one evening a week for letterwriting – and make it a nice ritual.

Anyone else who does this? Or something similar?

Speedlinking – interesting letter blog posts:

Please deliver to …  about Hannibal Le(c)t-ter in ways of missing mail.

A monster postcard swap announced by Missive Maven.

Postal cat stamps at Junell Toney/Pinterest.

Pretty old typewriter at Good Mail Day.


One thought on “Getting more regular …

  1. I like the idea of having an evening a week dedicated to letter writing, but I’ve yet to make it actually happen. 🙂 Instead, I seem to write in fits and starts, sending off a stack of letters, then nothing for weeks. Perhaps with the nesting time of year rolling around I’ll have a better chance of getting in the groove of a letter writing routine.

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